Saturday, December 3, 2016

Best Bird | Worst Bird (Final Fantasy XV)

I was able to get another night in with FFXV last night. Spent most of it looking for hunts that were at my level, but after that I finally made my way to Galden Quay. And that was... an experience. I fished, badly. Very badly. I tried to kidnap a cat. I took pictures at the designated photo location with a gorgeous view over and over like it was a a photospot at Disney. You know, good touristy stuff.

Oh, and then I almost got eaten by a huge bird--the same one that I briefly saw on night one, when I declared, "Oh, I'm going to kill that! ...or maybe it'll kill me. Oh."

For the record, Best Bird:

Worst Bird:

Its head has its own pair of wings for god's sake. What the hell even is this thing?

I did finally get around to advancing the plot some, and finished up Chapter 1. I wouldn't have noticed any different if I hadn't seen Kingsglaive, but I love that scenes from it were added into the game. I really liked the movie, and having its events integrated directly (rather than just some re-make recap) felt very right.

Tonight (?) I'll be heading out for at least one side quest here at the beginning of Chapter 2, then unless I find more hunts my level I'm going to do the next plot quest, which involves meeting up with a person in a place. That's not a spoiler... right? I think I'm okay saying that much.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

FFXV Night 1 Quick Summary (No Spoilers)

I'll see about a more in depth post later, maybe in the morning, maybe later, but for now here are a few points from tonight's session:

  • They actually made me push the Regalia when it broke down.
    • But they let me control the camera the whole time, so I got some entertaining angles at least.
  • Prompto not only has Instagram filters for his photos, the fact that posting them to social media is actually in the game's menu (not just the system gallery) leads me to believe that under normal circumstances he'd be posting them to Twitter himself.
    • I'd actually really like to see Prompto's Instagram.
  • There was a QTE-ish thing to stir a pot of stew.
  • Magic is kind of like using draw points in FFVIII; you find deposits and pull the energy from them, then craft spells from that. Like FFVIII, magic seems to be exhaustible. Need to look into this more.
  • Leveling what we'd normally call skills is like the sphere grid (FFX) and/or Cystarium (FFXIII).
    • Otherwise leveling seems normal; you have to check in at a camp/inn/etc to apply your experience but it raises your HP, MP, and probably (I haven't looked deeply yet) other stats as well.
  • FFVI-style sprites indicate who can use items when in shop menus, etc. They do the FFVI victory dance when an item applies to them just like in that game, too.
  • I figured out how to control the stereo in the car. I then spent a 4 minute (real time) drive between two points skipping every track on shuffle.
    • I finally settled on Bombing Mission because Bombing Mission.
  • Squeenix via Ignis deserves a smack upside the head for a comment made to Prompto at one of the outposts, about how he needs to stop eating if he doesn't want to gain weight. Dick move, Squeenix. Dick move.
    • Is there a "Prompto Argentum Defense Squad" yet? If not I'm starting one.
  • I am a master of Justice Monsters V
    • Seriously just skip through that whole section on the stream part 2 highlights. I got sucked in for a nice little chunk of time.
...I know there's so much more, but after three and a half hours I don't remember what else specifically. The highlights should be transferring from Twitch to YouTube any minute now, and you can watch them at either site. I'll try to be back on tomorrow night for more (maybe I'll even leave Hammerhead!) but it'll depend on how work and life turn out through the day. At the latest, I'll be back on by the weekend, but I don't honestly expect it to take that long for another go at it.

I mean, I have to get back to Justice Monsters V after all.

Morning Update: I knew I'd find more after letting all of this sit overnight.
  • The load times. Oh sweet GOD the load times. You know how Dragon Age: Origins or Oblivion loaded on PS3? It's a similar wait. Not every transition has an official loading screen (thank god) but the ones that do are torture.
  • Prompto's photos don't automatically save to the system's capture gallery, and can't be manually exported there, either. Choosing to share a picture gives you the options to use Facebook, Twitter, PSN's messaging, or PSN's communities. This is such bullshit. I'm going to look around and see if either of the PSN options will put the pics in a place where I can manually save them, but in the meantime the only screen caps my system has are the automatic ones from when I get trophies.
    • Confirmed that I can only get the images if I upload them to Twitter and save them from there. Doing it that way is making .jpg-large files (which apparently is a thing for Twitter, I haven't saved pics from there before so it's news to me) so make sure to change type to "All Files" and rename it with a .jpg extension if you're like me and haven't saved from Twitter before. Unfortunately for me, this means a lot of sharing to Twitter then coming to the computer, saving, and deleting the extra tweets. Such bullshit.
Further Update re: Prompto's photos.

I continued to look for ways to save these without uploading the first, and came across this post on the Final Fantasy XV forums (screenshot because I was on my phone at the time) for how to save them on PS4, at least. TL;DR: 
  • Open photo in-game so it fills the screen.
  • Screenshot the game as with the photo filling the screen.
  • Photo now magically saved to the system's capture gallery.
It's still bullshit, but at least it should work.

Ten Year Wait

When I was... I don't know, 13 maybe? stepdad asked as a joke what I would do if Final Fantasy made it up to some crazy number "like fifteen" and would I still be playing then.

So, what will I be doing? I'll be sending him a selfie today of me and my copy of Final Fantasy XV. I doubt he'll remember the joke, but I'm going to do it anyway, because 20 years later here I am.

My copy should be here whenever the mail gets delivered, since it's coming through Amazon, and depending on what time everything finally installs I might get started tonight, or I might have to wait for the weekend. I'll find out as the day goes. What I am going to be doing is streaming my way through the game, in spite of being kind of nervous about it. I don't normally stream things, and when I do it's not usually something I haven't finished. The only time I streamed something brand new was when Trespasser came out for Inquisition, and that time I did a full no-mic stream for people who couldn't get the DLC yet to see the story (or at least my world state's version of it) if they didn't want to wait to get it themselves without having to listen to me babble over it. I still don't know if I should do the same with FFXV. If I keep the mic on, anyone coming in should be prepared for plenty of... frustration on my part. Very, very vocal frustration. The teleport dagger thing (I don't remember at the moment what they called it in Duscae) is going to be the death of me, and everyone's going to hear it.

...I guess that's my warning for this, then? The game is "T for Teen" but the stream will be "M for Mature (Strong Language)" and all. Twitch will automatically put out a link each time I load it up, of course, but if you want to go ahead and add me you can find my channel here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Morning Routine

So after fixing my coffee and fighting my cats off my robe, I use the mornings to check in on Animal Crossing. Things go somewhat like this:

  • (Because it's November) Find all the mushrooms. Be disappointed when the furniture piece is one I already have.
  • Shake all the non-fruit trees. Store any items I get.
  • Shake all the fruit trees. Store the fruit.
  • Dig up all the things. Take them to the museum. Store anything not donated.
  • Get my 5k from the Dream Suite
  • Hit all the rocks. Store any ores (gold to actually keep, all others to sell).
  • Yell at the villagers who are awake not to move. Because every morning, one of them threatens to, in spite of how much I've put into this town. Why don't they appreciate me?
  • Sell stored items as stores come open.
  • Pay gyroid for PWP, or put money toward loan. Always keep 1k bells for random trips to the island.
  • Once they're awake, insult and assault the two villagers I do want to move. I picked my house's location so I could have a grand mayoral estate, and they moved into my damned yard.
  • At least three times a week (only on weeks where I need to speak to him) completely miss Tom Nook's store hours, leaving me unable to activate the next house upgrade.
  • Completely miss the hours on every special visitor to town except Redd. Accept the fact that I'll never get the fortune teller shop to open because I never can talk to Katrina to unlock it.
  • (Periodically fight the cats off again and/or get more coffee.)
Anyway, my town's still new and little (I demo'd it when the amiibo update came out, which is how I afforded the sweet sweet 1.2mil bell crown) but if anyone wants to peek through it as it grows my Dream Suite address is 4E00-0018-D2A0. If anyone wants to actually visit, my FC is 2079-7559-9344; just let me know if you're adding me, and what your FC is, and I'll set up a time for my gate to be open. In almost all cases, anything in my town is fair game for anyone to have. If it's not, then I'll say so that day.

Monday, November 21, 2016

(Free) Weekend Catch-Up

I didn't get as much time in as I was hoping to, but I did get more time than I have recently. So, in that sense, it was a win. I got enough time with Overwatch on PC to learn that I do, in fact, like the game in spite of how bad I am at it. Unfortunately, since Brian can't get it on PC that takes a lot of the fun out of it. Unless anything changes on that front, I won't be getting the game if I can't get it for both of us.

ESO, on the other hand, was a complete fail. The first night I couldn't get my character to look how I wanted, so that turned me off then. Friday night I was on Overwatch like I'd planned. Saturday I had a few things to do out of the house but planned to get on the game when I got home... then got pulled into OW instead. Really, though, I wasn't in much of a headspace for an MMO. I rarely am, in spite of how much I enjoyed what I could play of SWTOR when it was new and how many years I spent gleefully in Vana'diel on FFXI.

Then yesterday I wasn't feeling well (I blame it on going to the gym early in the morning), so I just chilled on the sofa most of the day. Napped a bit, watched movies a bit (idk what Brian says, aside from the end not making any sense Warcraft was good), played Animal Crossing, etc. Finished it out by watching a bunch of Fairy Tail. Hulu's kind of inconsistent with what's dubbed and what's subbed, and we like that show dubbed, so we've been buying all the collections after the (previously-available on) Netflix episodes left off. We're on the Tenrou Island arc with maybe six episodes of the collection left. The arc, however, appears to end on episode 122... and the collection ends at 120. Hopefully those two episodes that they've pushed to the next collection are just transition ones, because if I have to wait until January for the next collection to come out (and then god knows how long for the collection after that to come out) for just two episodes that close out Tenrou I'm gonna cry. Especially since the last episode we watched last night was the first with the next opening song and it's already including X791 teasers in it.

Anyway, that was the weekend. A new work weeks starts now, though it does have the holiday at least. Oh, and I still haven't reserved FFXV for next week. I need to do that, so I can start the game day one patch as soon as I get home from getting my hair done that Tuesday. Or better, depending on what time the mail comes, get Brian to start the patch before I'm even back from that appointment. ^_~

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bren Does Overwatch

I spent about two hours on the game tonight, mostly with @dmlfury (who was fairly patient with me while I walked off the same ledge three times straight on one map) but then stayed for a few more games once he had to go.

Playing on PC is seriously what I should have tried doing all along for this game, and between trying it on PS4 last month and PC now, I'm so glad I didn't buy the game when it was new--cause I would have gotten it console and I'd have never played it. This isn't even a console vs PC argument, it's simply that I can not control any sort of first person game with a controller. There's a reason I stuck to nothing but Final Fantasy for so, so many years. That's not to say that I'm suddenly good at the game, of course. I did walk off the same ledge three times because I couldn't tell which way I was going. But I'm not-bad-enough to enjoy the game. The mouse & keyboard controls give me that much, and I got the surprise bonus of my keyboard (a BlackWidow) syncing with the game, which I didn't realize was something that it auto-detected--I thought I had to assign a setting to do that. I think that also helped a ton, too. Highlighting the controls for me out of my peripheral vision was a big deal.

Will I end up getting the full game later? I don't know yet. If we could both have it on PC, I'd make the decision for us and Brian and I would both have it. He goes mostly for Bastion though, and my Genji needs someone to watch over him. But since he can't run the game and I'm "stuck" without him on it, I might have to pass.

I'm heading to bed now, but I'm off work tomorrow. I figure I'll start on ESO; get Ria out of the tutorial there, and then run around a bit to get a feel for things. Then, whichever game I have people to play with first I'll focus on for the first part of the day. ("First part of the day" likely will mean until I get sleepy and take a nap. Yeah, until recently I hadn't posted here consistently in years, but my Naps are totally Still A Thing.)

Anyhow, if anyone wants to play tomorrow, I'm BrennaCeDria#1305 for Overwatch (btw what's with the numbers after the name on and it should just be Ria Hawke on ESO, on the NA server. You can probably get me on twitter throughout the day if you're not sure what I'm on; if that doesn't work there's always google hangouts. (Same name as I use anywhere.) If you try both of those, and I don't get back to you, then either my laptop and phone are both dead, or I'm asleep. Probably asleep. I'll check if you're still up for a game when I get back to my desk, though.

Finally on the ESO Free Weekend

It took all of last night, but I finally got ESO installed, got signed up, etc. For the record, if you're ever trying to sign up for the game and it tells you the "email address format is invalid" that doesn't mean that it's not a proper email address (like if you miss the @ or something), which is what I thought it should have meant. I mean... that's the format of an email address. But it really means you already have an account. I only found that out after digging through both the ESO reddit and the official support pages for about an hour, because Googling that error doesn't bring up any helpful results. I'm hoping that by putting it in here maybe someone else can have an easier time of finding the solution when they search the same error.

At any rate, I finally figured out my old account from the beta (the account was good, but the beta charas were gone--not really a surprise since I got so caught up in making charas that I never actually played them) and got going. Since all the character making in the beta, I forgot how much I really don't like the chargen in this game until I got in finally last night. I was tired and frustrated by the time it loaded, so I was unfortunately very impatient when I tried to put Ria together.

This was Ria from the beta:

And this is Ria now. Age has not been as kind to her in ESO as it has been in Dragon Age:

I mean... the hair color and complexion are both closer, and I like the flower that I found, but the face is just wrong. Which is frustrating, because back in the beta she was the easiest character to make. Only having a cheekbone option and not also a cheek to adjust means I can't get her filled out properly. (This was also something I mentioned over on Tumblr when I made the beta character; link also includes beta pics of Elissa and Vrania.)

But enough complaining about the chargen. I still have a level 1 Nightblade Ria Hawke, appropriately named Ria Hawke, stuck somewhere in the tutorial because that's where I was when I forgot the game was on and got disconnected for inactivity. I think maybe I'll play her tonight, while Overwatch's free weekend is installing (it's active as of 2pm here, I think, so I won't be able to start it until I'm home after 6 sometime), then some OW tomorrow early, then I'll decide which to continue playing for the weekend from there. I'm suspecting that I'll suck just as much in OW on PC as I do on console, and if that proves true I'll be almost entirely on ESO.

...Back to Ria herself for a moment, I really do like that flower. It's funny seeing her with a great sword strapped to her back, though. I need to find her some good daggers as soon as I'm out of the tutorial.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Overwatch and ESO Free Weekend Plans

So apparently, Blizzard and Bethesda are joining forces to try and kill me. I mean, that's the only thing I can guess is going on by each company having free trial weekends on the same weekend.

Then again, not only is is telling me that all of my possible passwords are wrong, but I also can't remember how I deliberately misspelled my security question and can't read the captchas when trying to reset my password. So... maybe Overwatch is a no-go. Hopefully not. I couldn't play the game when I tried it on PS4--not because of time or access, but because I'm horrible at fps especially when I have to use a controller for them. I'm really, really hoping to be able to play OW from my comp; if I can get my login right, and get lucky enough not to suck on a technical level this weekend, then I might be able to get the actual game finally.

So... does anyone know how long a lockout on resetting a password is? All the site says is to try again "later" with no other info, and when trying to send in a ticket for help there's nothing I can do because I'm 99% sure I used my nickname instead of my legal one (so I can't send in a photo of my ID to prove I'm me). So hopefully there will be some Overwatch this weekend, but I'm not so sure now. :(

As for ESO, I probably won't spend much time on that*, but I do want to see more than just character creation, which is all I've played with before now. Not sure which of my OCs I'll re-make to play this weekend; I'll go through my screen caps from when I had the CC to figure out which one translated best to their design and remake her. Or, if anyone has any recommendations for class I can maybe use that to figure which character to adapt. Also, if anyone has a specific server rec, I'll take those, too.

*Unless of course I still can't get to work. Then I'll be either on ESO, Skyrim SE, or if I'm slouchy something on the PS4.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Little Interruptions (Skyrim on hold, looking ahead to FF--maybe)

So little, in fact, that while the lot of the interruptions have piled up and kept me from putting any time into SSE, I can't name eve one of them specifically. I wasn't really intending to finish it all this month, so by itself the interruptions aren't that much trouble, but I was expecting to be further along than only just being sent to Bleak Falls. At least as far as running by Winterhold briefly, then heading to Riften and starting things there. I've got a lot to catch up on.

Also, I still haven't decided where I'm going to get FFXV from, so that preorder still hasn't been made. It's always been between Amazon and Best Buy, but I don't know which. I'd kind of like to go with the Deluxe Edition, but I can get Kingsglaive and the game separately for less than the DE price, and it's not like the extra skins and fancy case are really worth the difference since I can get Kingsglaive (the only significant extra content) cheaper. If it also had a full soundtrack, then I'd go for that, but since the options go Day 1, Deluxe, then $270 Ultimate Collector's Edition (that does have a soundtrack, but I hardly need the Noctis figure so sorry, no) it's pretty clear I'm "dealing with" the Day 1 edition and buying the movie and full OST (cause I suspect the OST that's included in the UCE isn't actually a full one) separately.

So that's which basic version I'm getting. But where do I get it from? Amazon Prime, with its chocobo skin for the car plus extra items and stuff (plus free shipping, minus the small Prime discount on new games), or Best Buy, which has no bonuses unless you get their custom special edition. Which to be fair, comes with a season pass for... some sort of DLC. Episodes about the other characters, it seems. But the season pass is something I could wait for. IDK. Maybe I'll just focus on Skyrim and another replay of FF Type-0 and come back for FFXV later. I mean, if I was able to get the Day One Edition of Type-0 a year later, I'll be able to get the Day 1 of XV a month or two after release. And hey, it saves some money right before the holidays.

The only other thing I can think of is my New Year Dragon Age Re-Everything, which is still on track. I'll start Stolen Throne at or on New Year itself, and continue through each item chronologically from there. I'm working now to decide what format(s) to use to post progress here as I go along, so that should be ready when the time comes.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dragonborn!Vrania SE

I got started on this finally night before last, but after installing mods and starting the game my computer's acting weird. Like, too eight minutes to boot weird, which should have nothing to do with anything related to the game. But, changes to the game are the only changes to the computer in the twelves hours between normal and weird, so the game is the first thing to check. Either way, I might just be lazy/simple and only install mods from within the game itself, with the exception of stuff like SweetFX. There won't be as many options, but if the game is somehow the cause I'm hoping that making changes to it more centralized might help. And besides, I think all but one or two things are available that way anyway (SweetFX being one of those one or two).

Oh! I just realized I forgot to post a pic of my remade Dragonborn! For anyone who knows my Dragon Age characters, you probably know Vrania, my horrible little maleficar-turned-spy-and-dragon-slayer. Well, this is the original Vrania--using the name for Dragon Age was just a placeholder in a fic, and placeholder names have a tendency to stick. Dragonborn!Vrania is even worse than DA!Vrania, and she's so, so much fun. She only takes action for two reasons: either it benefits (or amuses) her, or because it spites the hell out of someone else. She's a Nightingale tank, and an assassin who can't be bothered to keep to the shadows. I mean that literally. She completed the mark in Solitude, jumped off the balcony in full view of everyone, and ran her laughing self halfway back to Whiterun before they stopped chasing her. Anyway, here she is, looking nothing like her namesake but being just as horribly wonderful:
(The only character mod that I'm using is the main overhaul one, since there doesn't seem to be much of anything individually packaged and that one seems to clean everyone up while keeping them looking like they belong in the game. I like it.)