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30 Day Roleplaying Challenge Master Post (Temporary Cross-Post from Tumblr)

(Please note that this is not an original creation, only modified to be more general use than the versions I found. Credit for the site I found it on, at least, is linked in the post below.)

I’ve adapted this list from the one posted at a forum post at Gamer Launch (that's since been deleted) but decided to not adapt it quite-as-much toward Dragon Age specifically (which was my original idea) as just make it better rounded to fantasy OR sci-fi where things like technology, magic, etc are concerned so that it could also be used for Mass Effect, Star Wars, Skyrim, and god only knows what other characters. 
Start by naming your character, the fandom he or she is from, and (optionally) any background that might be relevant. Then start with the questions below!
1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no? 
2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features? 
3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason? 
4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive? 
5.) What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale? (AKA, orientation)
6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory. 
7.) Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why? 
8.) Day of Favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?
9.) Who does your character trust? 
10.) Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable. 
11.) Is there an animal you equate with your character? 
12.) How is your character with technology? Super savvy, or way behind the times? Letters or email? AND/OR, DEPENDING ON SETTING: How is your character with magic or the supernatural?
13.) What is your character’s primary flaw or weakness?
14.) How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold? 
15.) Is your character an early morning bird or a night owl? 
16.) Are there any blood relatives that your character is particularly close with, besides the immediate ones? Cousins, Uncles, Grandfathers, Aunts, et cetera. Are there any others that your character practically considers a blood relative? 
17.) What’s your character’s desk/workspace look like? Are they neat or messy? AND/OR What does your character’s bed look like when he/she wakes up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, are they all curled around a pillow, sprawled everywhere? In what position might they sleep? 
18.) Is your character a good cook? What’s their favorite recipe or dish, whether they’re good at making it themselves or not? 
19.) What’s your character’s preferred means of travel? 
20.) Does your character have any irrational fears? 
21.) Does your character have a single underlying passion or trait that influences all aspects of their life?
22.) If your character could time travel (or otherwise return to any point in their own lives), where would they go? 
23.) Is your character superstitious? 
24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be? 
25.) Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby? 
26.) Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday. 
27.) Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them. 
28.) If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be? 
29.) How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne? 
30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself.

Monday, March 4, 2013

DA:O Custom Tint #6 - Violet and Lavender

MediaFire download here. Installation instructions can be found here.

This dye was something that I threw together while testing some stuff in the mod Of Noble Cast, which has become an absolute staple for my Cousland saves now. But the color of the gown that is included in it for a female Cousland just... doesn't match what my Elissa needed. This went through a few different versions, but after quite a bit of tweaking I managed to get the tints to take on the different materials of the gown (since some areas, like the belt, appear more leathery in texture while others are more silken). No before and after pics this time, but there is a copy of the tint map below the three example images in case anyone would like me to try other color schemes with this item!

Front View

Back View

Side View

Test Pattern Rear

Test Pattern Front

Friday, January 11, 2013

DA:O Custom Tint #5 - Shangrilla Jade

MediaFire download here. Installation instructions can be found here.

I'm going to come right out and say this: my "Shangrilla" Jade tint for the dye kit is without a doubt the best I've done so far and it was probably the second dye I finished. This isn't so much because of how it works on its original, intended application (though I absolutely adore the dye on its namesake outfit) but because I have yet to find an item it doesn't work on at some level. It was created for the mod item Shangrilla noble dress, which is gorgeous in its natural red, but the red isn't great on my canon Warden, thus the changes modeled here by my Elissa Cousland:

Front detail

Back detail

Bust detail

The lighting isn't the best for this dye in my usual test spot, which is why I included the bust detail as well here with some better light (as well as more boobs because damn, this dress!). Next comes the dye applied to other items! I think these are all of the others I've used it on so far:

Applied to the Phoenix Battlemaiden armor, modeled by KH's Moira Cousland

Applied to the Concept Robes, modeled by KH's Esme Amell
On the gown added to inventory by the mod Of Noble Cast, modeled by my Elissa
Loaded onto the elf mage robe design, modeled by my Neria Surana (front view)
The elf mage robes above (back view)
As you can see, this has turned out to be an incredibly versatile tint, something that cannot be said for many other dyes I've tried so far. Much more often, a tint seems to work on the item it's created for and maybe one other, but not the Jade! In addition, I do take requests on custom tints for the Shangrilla design, though the textures on that gown are quite a bit different than many of the other items so it might take a bit extra work compared to usual to get things right for you. Here are the tint maps for the item (it's mostly specced for mages, but it should work for any class for any non-boss battle according to the mod description) if anyone would like me to try one for you!

New tint downloads coming in the next day or two!

Sorry, it got busy here with the holidays so I had to go on a break from DA:O dye kit tints. I'm going to both be working on finishing another request this weekend (which will get put in the queue for image upload, at least, at some point) and on putting together another tint page or two for existing tints. I think I'll be putting up my favorite tint ever, my Shangrilla Jade, and another of the ones I made for one KH's characters (probably at least one of her Cousland's armor tints, this time, but I have two that are actually hers and two more that were WIPs that I saved as final files because they just worked all for the same armor so I'll have to pick one or two of the four total to upload this weekend).

Saturday, December 29, 2012

DA:O Custom Tint #4: Esme Amell Concept Art Robes

MediaFire downloads here and here for each of the two variations. Installation instructions can be found here.

This dye was done for a friend of mine on Tumblr, Kinlochhold, for her mage character Esme Amell. Esme is by far one of my favorite Warden characters out of the god-knows-how-many I've seen through the fandom, so making this for her was a blast. There were ultimately two variations that I made for this dye set, and since KH has given me permission to post the download links for her characters' tints for everyone to enjoy those can both be found above. Also for reference, the robes I'm using with this tint are available for download from the Dragon Age Nexus pages here!

Now then, for the tints themselves! The only difference between the two are going to be the sash across one hip, which is green in the first version and brown in the second. (Also, the bit of fabric stretching from the collar to the bodice takes on most of this same hue.) In both versions, I was trying to take what's normally a leather texture of the bodice and try to give it an almost gilded look--so that it looks like ornamental armor, but not with any sort of practical use. Other than that, I mostly just wanted to find a gorgeous green to play against Esme's hair.

Version 1, Direct Sunlight:

Version 1, Rear View:

Version 2, Direct Sunlight:

Version 2, Rear View:

Version 1, Bust Detail (And a slightly different hair style for comparison.)

Personally, I like Version 1 better on Esme specifically, but when playing with these dyes on other characters I think Version 2 is more versatile. It mostly just seems to depend on the character's coloring.

Custom DA:O Armor Tint Request Guidelines

So let's say, hypothetically of course, that you've been looking through these custom tint posts of mine and would like one for yourself. While I'm not perfect at this, I do love making these tints for others so I'd love to hear your request! There are, however, a few things I'll need from you in order to do the best job possible:

  1. Your actual request. This will usually be the name of an armor, weapon, or clothing from Dragon Age: Origins and a color scheme you want me to try. If the armor you'd like customized is a fan-made mod, it also helps to provide me a link to that mod's page on either Bioware Social Network or Dragon Age Nexus just in case I don't already have it. One thing to remember is that while some mod items are tintable, not all of them are. It just depends on how each mod's maker sets things up.
  2. Visual references for your character. Ideally, this will be either a copy of your save file or your character's .mor file for their head morph, so that I can have your character "try on" the tints directly as I make them. Doing things this way will give allow me to make the most accurate comparisons of coloring, texture, etc between the item I'm changing, the tint itself, and your character. The .mor file can be extracted using the Dragon Age Face Replacer, and until I get my tutorial for that tool updated I can walk you through it by email if necessary. Also, if you use any cosmetic mods for your character (hair styles, hair and eye colors, overall textures, etc) please let me know which you've used so I can make sure to install them myself if necessary. If you can't send either the .mor file or your save folder, I can try to work from screen caps of your character. The results from this won't be as accurate as the more direct methods, however.
  3. Once you have both of the above, you can get in contact with me any of a few different ways: by commenting on this post with information on how I can contact you, by sending an ask or fanmail via my Tumblr, or by emailing me your request directly to brennacedria at gmail dot com.
Keep in mind that some items can take the exact same tint in drastically different ways, so we'll work around that if and when it comes up as an issue. Otherwise, if there's something you'd like me to try and make for you don't hesitate to let me know!