Friday, October 21, 2011

Yesterdays's News, but I'm just reading it - Katamari is a Vita launch title in US!

Posted a day or so ago that Sony was missing my birthday by waiting until the 22nd of February to release the Vita. Now I don't care quite so much; I'll just get Brian to agree to a Vita preorder being my birthday present, I'll pick it up two weeks late, and get Touch My Katamari with it!

On the other hand, I think someone should whisper in Sony's (or maybe NamcoBandai's) ear that we already played out all the touching innuendos back when the DS was brand new with the "Touching is Good" campaign. Just sayin'.

Anyway, I'll definitely be picking up the WiFi-only model of the Vita sooner than later now. Between Katamari and my previous PSP purchases from the PSN store I should have more than enough to keep me busy until the second round of games come out. :D

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inviting Fans to “Touch My Katamari” This February! – PlayStation Blog:

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