Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, fuck you, Paula Deen

Step 1: Promote incredibly unhealthy food. Step 2: "Announce" (finally fucking admit to) the fact that you have diabetes. Step 3: PROFIT.
Yeah, I know, there's no "Step n: ???" in there. That's because Miss Peas, Pls made it very clear where she's making her next buck from. How about giving some--like maybe all--of those fucking proceeds to diabetes research, and not just using them to think up more perverse ways to use butter.

Bites - Paula Deen on diabetes backlash: Some 'were kinda mean about it':

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

PS Vita GET!

So yeah, I won't be home for another 10 minutes or so (I'm posting this from the car while Brian's in the grocery store) to be able to crack it open, but picked up my Vita today!
Best Buy only had two of the WiFi models and two of the 3G ones that I could find, and one of the WiFi ones was stashed behind some other items in another department like someone was saving it for later.
Even more, though, when we were at the store last Monday, they had a massive selection of all the launch games. Today? Three copies of Katamari, maybe three to five copies each of Hot Shots Golf & Mod Nation Racers, and nearly 20 copies of Uncharted. I'm a little sad I couldn't pick up a copy of Wipeout today, since I'm eager to test the cross-plat with the PS3. But I suppose if I get the urge that strongly to play the game sooner than later, I can just download it.
Anyway, I should be able to head home in just a minute now, so gonna cut this short.